Wine Menu

MOSCATO | A sweet and light wine with bases of peach and low acidity. Pairs well with soft cheeses and fruits. $ 29.00
FALANGHINA TERRE D.O.C | A pale coloured wine with hints of apple, quince & pear. A fresh and clean wine that pairs well with
creamy, pasta dishes
$ 33.00
TREBBIANO | A light-bodied white wine that has minimal aroma with subtle hints of lemon and stone minerality on the palate. $ 34.00
CASTEL DEL DUCA – SAUVIGNON | Still, dry white wine with a characteristic, intense, fruity & floral bouquet. Fresh, smooth and well balanced flavour. $ 36.00
PINOT GRIGIO | A medium bodied, dry bodied wine that is delicate on the nose with elegant floral nuances that shows hints of apple. Pairs with fish & chicken. $ 38.00
PROSECCO | A light-bodied, vibrant, fresh, highly aromatic and crisp sparkling wine. It has a medium to high amount of acidity. Predominated by apple, honeysuckle and pear. $ 39.00
SANGIOVESE | A tarty wine with a light tannin that is vibrant with a round & smooth finish. Compliments roasted dishes and hard cheeses. $ 33.00
NERO D’AVOLA | A medium bodied wine, rich in cherry, currants, pomegranate and dried herbs. An excellent wine that enhances spiced flavours. Compliments charred steaks and rich red meats. $ 35.00
BARBERA FERMO D.O.C | A wine with intense ruby red colour that is dry & full bodied. Low in its tannins and high in acidity. Compliments pork dishes. $ 37.00
CHIANTI | A light dry wine with notes of cherries, plums and violets. An easy drinking table wine. $ 43.00
WINE BY THE GLASS | Please ask your host for wines $ TBA
Menu subject to change without notice, please telephone Frank to confirm availability