Primi Freddi e Caldi – Cold & Hot Starters

BRUSCHETTA AL CAPRICCIO | Toasted pane di casa bread topped with an amalgamation of homemade Italian pickled antipasti $ 14.50
PROSCIUTTO CON FRUTTA | Paper thin prosciutto layered over seasonal fruit $ 15.50
CARPACCIO OF THE DAY| Wafer thin slices of beef or fish topped with a dressing of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper $ M/P
INSALATA DEL GIORNO| Salad of the day – please ask your host $ M/P
ARANCINI | Domes of arborio rice, stuffed with ragu meat and oozing cheese, crumbed and deep fried $ 15.00
POLENTA SALSICCIA | Creamy parmesan polenta topped with a spicy and rich medley of tomato, chili and pork sausages $ 15.50
BIANCHETTI | Crispy whitebait fritters accompanied by smoked salmon and a light lemon sauce $ 16.00
GAMBERI AGLIO | Tiger prawns sautéed w garlic, parsley, lemon and with white wine $ 16.50
CALAMARI RIPIENE | Tubes of calamari filled with Italian seafood stuffing and cooked in a spicy garlic and white wine sauce $ 17.50
SFOGLIA | Italian crepes folded with crab meat and prawns – topped with a Napoletana and cream sauce $ 17.50