Dolci | Dessert Menu

BONET | A cooked custard dessert that combines chocolate, rum, almond biscotti and a bittersweet caramel $ 9.50
BUONAROTTI | A rich chocolate ‘salami” incorporated with biscotti, nuts and candied fruit $ 9.50
PANNACOTTA CARAMELLO |Italian for “cooked cream”, a creamy dessert topped with a bittersweet caramel sauce $ 9.50
TIRAMISU | A cake of coffee & marsala soaked sponge layered with mascarpone cream and chocolate $ 10.50
ZABAGLIONE | Cooked at your table, a combination of eggs, Marsala wine and sugar, whisked over a gentle heat and served over fresh strawberries and gelato $ 12.00
CANNOLI | Crisp pastry shells filled w fresh ricotta filling of the day $ 12.50
SORBETTO AL LIMONCELLO | Scoops of tart lemon sorbet accompanied by limoncello $ 14.00
AFFOGATO | Scoops of vanilla gelato served with a shot of espresso coffee. An accompaniment of Frangelico liquor is optional $ 8.50/14.50
CRESPELLE | Cooked at your table, thin, Italian crepes filled with mixed berries; served with an orange & Brandy sauce $ 14.80
CAKE OF THE DAY | Please ask your host $ MP