Pasta | Rissotti – Rice Menu

TRADITIONAL PASTA with your choice of the following:- Bolognese | Boscaiola | Carbonara | Napoletana | Pesto $ 18.50
SALSICCIA | Italian pasta tossed through with a rich sugo of pork sausages, a hint of chili and tomato sugo $ 19.00
MARINARA | Italian pasta with a seafood medley in a light tomato sugo $ 23.50
PAPPARDELLE AL RAGU SALVATICO | Ribbons of double egg pasta in a rich hare, rosemary and red wine ragu $ 24.50
RIGATONI AL FAGIANO | Tubular pasta with a rich ragu of wild pheasant, rosemary and red wine $ 25.00
RAVIOLONI – SIGNATURE DISH | Home made chesnut pasta filled with lobster, scallops and spinach – in a burnt butter and sage sauce $ 28.00
MILANESE | Arborio rice infused with saffron, porcini mushroom s and parmesan $ 21.00
FRUTTI DI MARE | Arborio rice with a seafood assortment of prawns, mussels and squid $ 24.00