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Chef Franco Berlusconi
Chef Franco Berlusconi
Chef Franco Berlusconi was born and raised in the northern Italian village of Legnano. During World War 2, there were little ingredients and produce locally. Good cuts of meats were unheard of and virtually any animal which could be caught (or produce grown), was considered food. 

Food was never wasted and cooking was innovative and thoughtful. Franco spent his early childhood watching his mother cook and  quickly learnt from an early age, what Chefs often refer to as “trade secrets”.

After the war, produce became more abundant and Franco learned the art of curing, smoking, and brining meats. No part of an animal was discarded and the phrase “respecting the animal” was considered as something in Northern Italy which went without saying.

Using that inspiration and technique, Franco went on to obtain his formal commercial cookery qualification and training in Milan (Italy) over 40 years ago, winning many prestigious awards.

Moving to Australia in the early 70’s Franco was a pioneer in showing the public how flour, yeast, eggs, and water could be transformed into something called Pizza and Pasta. Moving to Sydney he went on to open a string of successful restaurants and pizzerias throughout NSW.

Franco has worked as executive chef and business consultant for many leading restaurants and has appeared as Chef Consultant for Body Trim’s “Italian 4 Weight Loss” where his Modern Italian and traditional cuisines can be seen converging into spectacular and elegant recipes.

Franco Berlusconi – Chef Consultant

Modern cuisine is always on the menu and always a winner. However for those wishing to take a culinary adventure and try my regional dishes, you will not be disappointed. Goat, rabbit, tripe, snails, brains, and other northern Italian delicacies are award winning and also on the menu (refer to my Regional Delicacies menu). Take the adventure, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Chef Franco Berlusconi

Franco resides in Sydney and Goulburn with his wife and 3 daughters who can often be seen working at La Casa Italiana. Customers wishing to speak to Franco are always welcome to pop in and chat . La Casa Italiana is an owned and operated family business.